Neighbors in Portland’s West Hills say the threat of landslides is always on their minds, especially on a day like Sunday, which was soggy.

“We live in a very wet climate. This has been a very wet winter. The ground is saturated. The trees fall easily. You lose power easily,” said Elizabeth Pratt, who said she’s glad her home isn’t in an area that’s prone to slides.

Early last year, landslides took over county roads. Multnomah County roads officials tell FOX 12 almost every route in the West Hills had some kind of slide in January of 2017.

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“I think I’d worry about it if there was a potential downpour for awhile,” said Portland resident Hugh Russell.

In a study released just last week, researchers say about 37,000 people live in the areas of high risk landslides, and that’s just in Multnomah County.

About 6,700 are on land that’s slid in the past.

“When you’re in a hilly, wooded area like up here in the hills, it’s just that way,” said Pratt.

The soaking isn’t stopping yet — April is only halfway through.

“I’m fed up with the gray, but the sunset keeps getting later and later. So I’m not gonna complain,” Pratt told FOX 12.

Geologists can’t predict exactly when or where landslides will happen, but they say the biggest risk areas are where slides have happened before.

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