This spring in the Pacific Northwest has seen feet of snow pile up in the Cascades and inches of rain pour down in the valley. Dreary spring weather is having an impact on the tulip fields. Tulip farms are seeing a double-edge sword effect, so to speak. The cool weather is keeping the flowers in bloom longer, but it has also been keeping some folks away from taking in the sights. In Woodland, the owners of the Holland America Flowers decided to cancel their annual Tulip Festival because of the unpredictable weather and the strain it can cause on their vendors. The group says their gift shop, show garden and U-pick garden are still open and ready for people to take photos. “The tulips itself in our fields did not suffer in any way because of all the rain we had thus far,” said Benno Dobbe, the owner of Holland America Flowers. “In fact, it helps to stretch out the season for a longer period of time, so people who will visit us will be able to enjoy the tulips we have in our show and U-Pick fields all the way until early May.”Further south near Woodburn, it was rain boots and coats moving through the fields of vibrant colors.“We live in Oregon,” Chad Walker of Clackamas said, “we got our boots on, our gloves, we’re ready to rock.”The gusty winds and cooler temperatures were not slowing people down from capturing the perfect picture, but the fields were not as full as they typically are this time of year. “The week days are pretty quiet,” Barb Iverson, one of the owners of the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm said. "When traditionally in full bloom like this we get the senior homes coming in, a lot of of people come because it is warm and nice. This year when we have the steady rain, you know I don’t blame people for staying home but, it has impacted the attendance numbers.”They are hoping the weather will change soon, but in the meantime, they are enjoying the acres of flowers in full bloom which are expected to last few the next few weeks. If you plan to head to any of the tulip farms in Oregon or Washington, farm owners suggest you bring boots and coat and to be prepared for the changing conditions.“A lot of rain boots, and plastic bags over the feet, and believe it or not I still see stilettos out here,” Iverson said.

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